Company profile

Founded more than 200 years ago in 1811, Carrosserie Akkermans belongs to the most reputable coach work companies of the Netherlands. Our company has approximately 40 employees, each of which has specific qualities. Wood workers, metal workers, slab workers, electricians, upholsterers and all-round coach work builders make sure our products leave our premises built completely according to your wishes. Carrosserie Akkermans offers her customers a total package. This way, we can translate your wishes into a “turn-key product.

Our versatility and extensive knowledge provide certainty for you to be sure we can provide a solution to every problem. Whether it concerns business vehicle furnishing, loading ramp construction, fire-brigade vehicle, police, ambulance, medical vehicle or broadcast vehicle.

We are more than proud to wear the the honourable title of Purveyor to the Royal Household in The Netherlands.  The title was awarded to CEO Arjan Akkermans in 2011 by H.M. Queen Beatrix during the celebration of our 200th anniversary.

During the reign of King Willem I (1815-1840), the distinction of Purveyor to the Royal Household was awarded to various companies. It applied to enterprises which literally delivered to the Royal Household.

After King Willem III came to the throne (May 12, 1849), the title was given a wider interpretation and actual delivery to the Royal Household was no longer necessary. The king indicated a fundamental principle of ‘awarding this right not only to those who stand out in their reliability and excellence’. The bearing of the Royal Crest should also be used as an award for ‘services rendered to the progress of trade and industry’.