Carrosserie Akkermans specializes in the construction of tailor-made devices in wood or metal. Entirely according to your wishes, we build a suitable layout, structure or a tailor-made desk. Depending on the maximum permissible weight, we can also work with lightweight materials such as ABS, lightweight wood or aluminum. We work with the best suppliers for standard installations or standard cabinets and racks. But on request you are free to purchase components from other suppliers.

Sometimes little or no adjustments need to be made to the actual bodywork of a vehicle, but to the interior the more. You can also contact us for this. The specific knowledge that we have gained in the design of vehicles can also be applied to projects without wheels. For various studios and hospitals we have built and installed components such as:

Lead cabins
Wall arrangements for special equipment
Studio furniture
Control tables
Engineering tables
Custom made 19 “racks